World Cocktail Day: 10 easy recipes to beat the summer heat by making drinks that are pleasing to the palate

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Two centuries ago, little did we know that cocktails would evolve from just a celebratory item at events to a drink we regularly enjoy. Since May 13, 1806, when the term “cocktail” was officially defined, the day has been celebrated with readily available ingredients that can be mixed with your favorite spirit, whether it’s scotch, vodka or gin. This World Cocktail Day, embrace your inner mixologist and beat the summer heat by whipping up palate-pleasing cocktails at Beam Suntory, Diageo India, Belvedere, Hennessy, Fairmont Jaipur and Glenmorangie. Flavor to impact, a glass of these treats will soothe your palette.

Soul Reviver, Fairmont Signature I by Anjum, Fairmont Jaipur


. The Botanist Islay gin 3/4 OZ (22 1/2 ML)

. Patron Silver Tequila 3/4 OZ (22 1/2 ML)

. Cointreau 3/4 OZ (22 1/2 ML)

. 3/4 OZ (22 1/2 ML) white wine

. 1/4 OZ (7 1/2 ML) blackberry syrup

. Lemon juice 3/4 OZ (22 1/2 ML)

. Garnish the slice of lemon


. Combine Botanist Islay dry gin, patron silver, Cointreau, white wine, lemon juice, blackberry syrup and absinthe (for rinsing) in a cocktail shaker. Add ice cubes until well chilled. Strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with a lemon twist if desired.

. Based on the Corpse Reviver, a drink whose popularity skyrocketed with its appearance in The Savoy Cocktail Book in 1930, this version is equally adept at livening up the mood. Blackberries and lemon juice deliver a burst of sweet and sour flavors, while a masterful blend of Botanist gin, Patron Silver, Cointreau and white wine is poured into an absinthe rinse. If that doesn’t give the heart a boost, nothing else will.

Derby Bird I By Anjum, Fairmont Jaipur


Fairmont Signature Recipe

. Woodford Reserve Bourbon 1 1/2 OZ (45 ML)

. Campari 3/4 OZ (22 1/2 ML)

. Simple syrup (1:1) 1/2 OZ (15 ML)

. Lemon juice 1/2 OZ (15 ML)

. Orange juice 1 1/2 OZ (45 ML)

. Garnish with a sprig of mint


. In a shaker fill half the ice, pour the Woodford reserve bourbon whiskey, the Campari, the orange and lime juices, and the simple syrup, shake vigorously and strain into a highball glass with crushed ice, garnish a wedge of pineapple garnished with a sprig of fresh mint.

. To watch the birds; strolling around while sitting in the Aviary Bar, Kuala Lumpur was a moment in time, never to be repeated. The Jungle Bird was the bar’s signature cocktail and the inspiration behind this drink. Woodford Reserve bourbon pairs happily with Campari and orange and lemon juice for a cocktail reminiscent of 1970s tiki kitsch, with a fresh, modern vibe.

Early Autumn I Beam Suntory by Roku Gin

. For chocolate lovers, Beam Suntory India has something that will take the aroma of chocolate through the nose followed by the rise of Sansho pepper in Roku. Specially designed for you, this shake can be easily prepared at home.



. Chocolate Liquor

. Heavy cream


. Add 40 ml of ROKU, 20 ml of Chocolate Liqueur and 20 ml of Heavy Cream. Shake well and enjoy your evening.

Jim Beam Orange Crush I Beam Suntory

. With an elegant, smooth and refined bourbon experience specially crafted by Beam Suntory India, this cocktail is for those who desire the bright, juicy flavor of oranges with the light shade of a bourbon.


. Jim Beam Orange 1.5ml

. Orange juice 0.5ml

. Lemon juice 0.75ml

. Simple syrup 0.5ml

. carbonated water

. Orange wedge and sprig of mint for garnish


. Add all ingredients (except sparkling water) to a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a Collins glass over ice. Top up with sparkling water and stir gently.

Oaksmith Assam I Beam Suntory

. Be it a sweaty summer morning or a freezing winter night, Chai is the ultimate solution for all Indians. For all tea lovers, Beam Suntory India brings you a specially crafted recipe using premium Oaksmith to keep you on your toes in Indian style.


. Oaksmith Gold 50ml

. Black Pepper and Ginger Syrup 25ml

. Kali Neemu Juice (Lime Juice) 20ml

. Assam orthodox carbonated tea infusion 200 ml


. In a Soda siphon, add tea and black pepper, ginger syrup and charge with a CO2 charger.

. Now in a tall glass with ice add Oaksmith Gold and stir to chill the whiskey.

. Now fill the glass with carbonated ginger and black pepper Assam tea soda. Garnish with a slice of Kaali Neemu.

Glenmorangie X India

A fresh and TROPICAL highball.


. Glenmorangie 50ml X

. Fresh Lime Juice 10ml

. Honey Water 10ml

. Tender Coconut Water 50ml

. Sparkling Water or Club Soda

. Sprig of mint to garnish


. Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Add Glenmorangie X, lime juice, honey water and tender coconut water. Stir and fill with more ice if needed. Top with club soda or sparkling water, stir and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Glenmorangie X Sour

Silky take on the sour. Easy to mix and deliciously striking to serve.


. Glenmorangie 50ml X

. Lemon juice 25ml

. Maple syrup 20ml


. Pour X by Glenmorangie, lemon juice and maple syrup into a shaker. Fill it with ice and shake. Strain into a champagne coupe and garnish with a cherry.

. Feeling adventurous? Add half an egg white to the shaker to give your sour an even silkier texture.

The Hennessy Ginger Cocktail

. Hennessy and Ginger is the right drink any time of the day or evening. The spice in ginger ale brings out the natural spice in Hennessy VS


. 40ml Hennessy Very Special

. 100ml ginger ale


. Pour the Hennessy cognac into a highball glass.

. Add ice cubes to fill the glass.

. Top with ginger ale.

. Garnish with a lime wedge or slices of fresh ginger.

Tanqueray Basil I By Ajay Nayyar, Brand Ambassador, Diageo India


. Tanqueray London Dry Gin 45ml

. Basil 5 to 6 Leaves

. Honey 1 teaspoon

. Lime Juice 10ml


. Add 4 ice cubes with all the ingredients in a shaker and shake well

. Double strain the liquid into the glass

. Garnish and serve

. GLASS: Old fashioned glass

. GARNISH: lime wheel or basil sprig

Edge of Lake Belvedere

A light and vibrant Collins-style drink, displaying the floral character of Lake Belvedere Bartezek, bound together by earthy notes and fresh green cucumber.


. Lake Belvedere Bartezek 45 ml

. Fine sherry 15 ml

. Fresh lemon juice 25ml

. Honey Water (1:1) 25ml

. Cucumber 2 pieces

. Lemon juice (optional) 10 ml

. Slice of cucumber to garnish

. Add all the ingredients in a shaker over ice cubes and shake vigorously. Finely strain into a chilled coupette. Garnish.


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