Recipe inspiration for the ultimate afternoon tea experience at home


With the whole country in lockdown, it’s pretty hard to plan any fun things to do with our moms this Mother’s Day. However, one thing we can do is stay indoors!

That’s why we plan to give our mothers the ultimate afternoon tea experience that they can enjoy from the comfort of their sofa. That’s right – with just a few of these classic recipes, you can also make a homemade afternoon tea for the mother or mother figure in your life.

Not only will they love feasting on these delicious treats and treats, but they will absolutely love the extra effort you put into making all of these homemade delicacies.

Our favorite scone recipes

The Classic Scone Fluffy

It’s a classic for a reason. You just can’t go wrong with a basic scone, topped with your favorite fruit jam and a good dose of freshly whipped cream.

Cinnamon and raisin scones

If you are a fan of winter spices and cinnamon in particular, then you will love this tasty pastry.

Buttermilk scones topped with sugar

If you’re a little more confident in your cooking skills, we highly recommend giving this decadent recipe a boost, which is sure to impress any tea time guest.

Sumptuous savory delicacies

Avocado and salmon canapes

Not only are these little avocado and salmon canapes incredibly easy to make, they are also deceptively tasty – sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Tartlets with sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers and chives

If you are craving something a little different and full of flavor, then this recipe is for you.

Open toast of partridge and pancetta with onion compote

These gourmet toasts are super tasty and would be the perfect tasty option for afternoon tea.

Mini root vegetable pies

These little pies filled with seasonal vegetables and topped with tangy melted cheese make perfect savory bites.

The best candies and treats

Shortbread cookies with jam

These morish cookies are a perfect tea time treat

Carrot cupcakes

What’s afternoon tea without your delicious mini carrot cakes?

Red berry tartlets

We love the fresh and tangy flavors of this superb fruity pastry, which will effortlessly add a sense of class to your homemade afternoon tea experience.

Chocolate brownies and caramel swirl

Every afternoon tea needs an element of chocolate, which is why we went with one of our favorite brownie recipes. Try it now and thank us later!

Raspberry oat bars

It’s such a simple recipe the whole family will love.

Lemon Frozen Squares

These sweet and tangy squares are bursting with delicious lemon flavor and are perfect for afternoon tea or garden parties.

Lime and coconut cake

We absolutely love the tangy flavors of the limes in this light spring cake, which are perfectly balanced by that sweet drizzle of frosting and the coconut.

3-ingredient chocolate truffles

Nothing could be simpler than this quick and gluten-free recipe that only requires three ingredients.


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