Popular recipe site Epicurious takes the beef out


For epicurean, the future is without beef.

The popular recipe website and cooking blog announced Monday that it is officially removing beef from future articles, newsletters and recipes to encourage more sustainable and environmentally friendly cooking habits.

“We know some people might assume that this ruling signals some sort of vendetta against cows – or the people who eat them,” Epicurious editors Maggie Hoffman and David Tamarkin wrote in the announcement. “But this decision was not made because we hate burgers (we don’t have any!). Instead, our change is all about sustainability, not giving airtime to one of the world’s worst climate violators. We believe this decision is not anti-beef but rather pro-planet. “

In fact, Epicurious quietly ditched the beef over a year ago. This week’s announcement only formalizes the move.

This means that cauliflower and mushrooms will be the stars of summer grill suggestions. Ground beef patties will give way to vegetarian alternatives, and plant-based “meats” will have a place in the spotlight at Epicurious.

Epicurious will continue to publish recipes that include poultry, and none of the recipes that include beef released in 2019 and before are removed.

Epicurious editors said the move was driven by the desire of home cooks “to do better.” Almost 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from animal production, and much of that can be attributed to beef alone.

“Individual actions like choosing alternative meat – or mushrooms or chickpeas – instead of the real thing can seem so small that they’re essentially unnecessary,” the editors said in their announcement. “But every time you refrain from consuming beef at the grocery store or restaurant, you’re sending a signal – to the grocery store, yes, but also, and perhaps more influentially, to who you are. talk about your decision. “

Diti Kohli can be reached at diti.kohli@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter at @ditikohli_.

Diti Kohli can be reached at diti.kohli@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter @ditikohli_.


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