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In a recent survey, a quarter of Which? members told us they’ve been trying more new recipes since lockdown began *.

If you’ve been tempted to expand your culinary repertoire over the past few months, you may have found yourself turning to the internet for culinary inspiration.

A quick online search puts a huge range of recipes at your fingertips, many of which direct you to American cooking sites and food blogs.

Here, which one? explains how to convert measurements from American cups to grams and milliliters, how to easily translate Fahrenheit temperatures to degrees Celsius, and some common American names for ingredients that have a different name in the UK.

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Converting cup measurements to grams

Person measuring flour on kitchen scales

In American recipes, the cups are used to measure ingredients that would typically be weighed in the UK.

Since cups are a measure of volume, the equivalent weight in grams will vary depending on the density of the ingredient you are using. For example, a cup of sugar weighs more than a cup of flour because sugar has a higher density.

The chart below shows how to convert common baking ingredients from cups to grams, to help you determine the correct amounts of ingredients.

Graph showing the number of grams in a cup for common baking ingredients

Converting cup measurements to milliliters

Person pouring milk into a graduated jug

American recipes also use cups to measure liquids such as oil, water, and milk.

You can use the table below to convert measurements from cups to milliliters.

Liquid measurement conversion

Cups (United States)

Milliliters (UK)

1/4 cup


1/3 cup

80 ml

1/2 cup


2/3 cup

160 ml

3/4 cup

180 ml

1 cup

240 ml

Oven temperatures: converting degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius

Person adjusting the oven temperature

Most American recipes give the oven temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (° F), while British ovens usually measure the temperature in degrees Celsius (° C).

The conversion chart below will help you determine what temperature to set your oven to when following an American recipe.

Oven temperature conversion

Fahrenheit (United States)

Celsius (United Kingdom)

275 ° F

140 ° C

300 ° F

150 ° C

325 ° F

170 ° C

350 ° F

180 ° C

375 ° F

190 ° C

400 ° F

200 ° C

425 ° F

220 ° C

450 ° F

230 ° C

American vs British Ingredient Names

Happy adult man preparing dinner at home and smiling

When using American recipes, you might come across unfamiliar ingredients.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an ingredient you can’t get in the UK – it might just have a different name in the US.

The table below lists the US names of some commonly used ingredients.

american name

british name

All purpose flour

Plain flour



Baking soda

Baking soda







Heavy cream

Double cream

Granulated sugar

Icing sugar

Very fine sugar

Granulated sugar



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* Results based on a survey of 5,619 Which one? members carried out in May 2020.


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