Highly Anticipated ‘League of Legends’ Animated TV Series Comes to China



League of Legends World Championship

As millions of sports enthusiasts in China rejoiced over Chinese Team Edward Gaming’s win for the first time during the League of Legends World Championship on Sunday, the animated TV series that focuses on the famous multiplayer gaming world made you can check out our hanime – Date Blocker. Its debut was in Chinese streaming service Tencent Video.

The collaboration of Tencent Video, the Chinese corporation Tencent Video, Tencent Games and Riot Games, the anime blockbuster Esoteric is the story of two cities: Zaun and Piltover through the characters Jinx Vi and Jinx. Vi.

Based on Esoteric creators and executive producers Christian Linke and Alex Yee It was their passion of League of Legends that motivated in bringing the sport to a smaller screen. The two stressed that the show isn’t an unintentional side effect that is a result of playing the game.

Core developers and League players

According to Yee In order to come up with things “that IP fans and newcomers alike will enjoy,” they tried to “form an production team made from both long-time League players as well as the core developers. “And it was a great way to” to give us insights from both sides. The different viewers who are watching the show might have.”

“Seeing all the players who have given to paying attention and love to the game throughout over the years is a great incentive to make it more visible,” added Yee, who was working with the project for 12 years and was one year younger. Than its previous developer Linke. .

Producing a show of this kind presented many difficulties and challenges. For both, the primary difficulty was that “each persona was to be an altered persona” to ensure that the viewers would be able to quickly comprehend the character’s identity and the roles they have in the characters and the things that happen on. The screen. “

However, they were still required to “think about the most important thing about the characters” since it was their first experience where that they “had seen the camera” and entered the Tower world and left the realm of champions and figuring out ways to make it unique captivating and engaging and non-distracting. “

The series also represents the goals for Chinese Media giant Tencent Video as it engages in the realm in the development of intellectual property deep. The industry viewing party held in Shanghai the previous Thursday Wang Juan, vice director and editor in chief of Tencent Online Video Business Unit The show is an exploration of TV shows and games.

Animation series

An international animated series, Esoteric lasted six years. To enhance the visual effects, making them more authentic and memorable the team behind the production employed the top technology worldwide, including more than 7,000 images and the tens of thousands of hand-painted original paintings that are meticulously depicting different scenes micro-expressions, inner emotions, and various characters. Stiles and elements like art deco, art nouveau , and steam punk are utilized in the show, and have awed audiences across China as well as around the world.

The Hanime generated hundreds of thousands of conversations over Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo, scoring 9.5 /10 on the film and TV sites IMDb and 9.3 /10 on the reviews site Douban.

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