French chicken the most popular ‘NY Times’ recipe of 2018


Move over, trash plate.

A dish just as ubiquitous in La Cité des Fleurs is finally taking its time in the sun.

New York Time used for drive data to compile his 2018 list of the most popular new recipes on its website. Number one was an Italian-American dish dear to many Rochesters: French chicken.

The recipe actually goes by the fancy nickname French Chicken and notes that it features on restaurant menus across the country.

But an article written by food publisher Sam Sifton in the New York Times cuisine newsletter acknowledges that the restaurants where it is most popular are none other than “those built under the low slate sky of Rochester, NY”

“A number one position for the kids of East Avenue, Upper Falls and Swillburg! A Kodak moment for Fairport and Greece, Brighton, Pittsford, Irondequoit! French chicken is a fantastic dish, easy to prepare, with a deep flavor and sustainable that goes well alongside plain spaghetti mixed with olive oil and butter, a side of greens with garlic, bread. Try it. French chicken for all. “

It makes your heart swell a little, doesn’t it?

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The Brimont Bistro, 24 W. Main Street in Webster, serves its French chicken with squash and pasta or rice pilaf.

In fact, the Democrat and Chronicle hasn’t paid much attention to Chicken French lately. Maybe that’s because when I was a freelance restaurant reviewer for the newspaper, my editor once berated me that I wrote a little too often on the dish and should order something else instead. .

My resolution for 2019 is to give Chicken French some love. So tell me, what’s your favorite French dish in Rochester? French chicken from a certain restaurant? Maybe a veal, fish or artichoke version? Send me your favorites:

In the meantime, you might want to make the easy recipe created by Julia Moskin in The New York Times.


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