Best Tailgate Food Ideas – Easy Tailgate Recipes



It’s finally fall, and you know what that means: FOOTBALL. Between pro, college, local high school, and fantasy games, you could be celebrating almost any night of the week. Phew, you are going to need food to maintain your energy and excitement! Whether you’re really hooking in the stadium parking lot or watching from the comfort of your living room (“homegating” is one thing!), we’ve got recipes for you. Check out our 53 tailgate food ideas, then put on your swimsuit, put on some face paint and go!

If you’re doing a traditional tailgate away from the stadium, you’ll want to bundle up and get comfortable. Don’t just layer on your team’s best produce, bring the heat too with all the best game day comfort food. We’re talking chili, pulled pork, queso dip, nachos… it works. Do you have a grill? Lucky you! Medium burgers and dogs are great for the summer, but for football season you’ll really want to bring the flavor. Try our sloppy joes, garlic bread hot dogs, pull out cheeseburger sliders, BLT dogs or hamburger foil wraps to see how you can take your grilled food to the next level.

Celebrating at home this season? You’re going to want some easy pre-game bites to eat. and once it starts up and you’re glued to the couch. Pigs in a blanket and chicken wings are classics (so we’ve included several versions of each here), but you also have other options, like our soft pretzel bites, sausage balls, ham grinders and cheese and our honey mustard pretzel chicken sheet. You can never go wrong with the dip either, so also try our Pub Beer Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion Dip, Best Guacamole, or Mini Meatball Skillet Dip. cheese.

And don’t forget the desserts! There’s more to a matchday than just salty options. Stay in theme with our football cupcakes, brownies and cookies, or lean on crowd pleasers like caramel corn, puppy food or cannoli chips and dip. They’ll stand out as a welcome treat whether your team wins or loses.

Want more tailgate ideas? Check out our favorite game day cocktails and dips, then also find out what your state’s favorite game day snack is.


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