7 Quick and Easy Monday Night Dinner Recipes


Come Monday and everyone is back to work. After two days of relaxation, Monday seems to be the longest day of the whole week. There’s a pile of work waiting for you that you know won’t end anytime soon. After a hectic day, our bodies crave something satisfying and light for dinner. However, cooking a healthy meal after coming back from work is almost impossible. That’s why we often resort to something quick and easy. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of 7 quick and easy recipes that are perfect for Monday night. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about ingredients because all of these recipes only require a handful of ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen pantry. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to say goodbye to the Monday blues with these easy recipes. Let’s start!

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Here is a list of 7 quick and easy recipes that you must try:

Dal Chawal (Our recommendation)

This combination is considered soul food in India. The weekday meal is simply incomplete without a delicious bowl of dal, masaledar sabzi and rice to go with it. This wholesome and soulful meal truly satisfies the body and the heart. For the dal recipe, click here.

soy pulao

Easy, quick and delicious, we all love pulao! This one-pot dish makes for a healthy meal without investing a lot of time and effort. Here we offer you a super healthy and high protein soy pulao recipe that can be prepared in less than 20-25 minutes. You wonder how? Click here. For more pulao recipes, click here.


Khichdi with vegetable masala

From crunchy carrots to refreshing matar and more, every vegetable can be added to this vegetable masala khichdi to boost the taste and health quotient of the dish by two times! Here’s how you can make this easy dish a home. Accompany it with raita or chutney and enjoy!


Aloo Paratha

Aloo paratha is never enough! Super hearty, indulgent and extremely easy to prepare, this delight can’t be compared to anything in the world. Pair it with a dollop of butter and you’re ready for a Punjabi treat in minutes. Find the recipe for the Dhaba-style aloo paratha, here.

Paratha 625

Paneer Fried Rice

As the name suggests, paneer is the star ingredient in this delicious recipe. Have a rest, you can also use your leftover vegetables and make a bowl full of nutrients. This recipe is spiced up with various masalas and sauces to add that extra zing. Find the full recipe here.


egg curry

A versatile ingredient, the egg is a wonderful source of protein that can be used to prepare many delicious dishes. One such amazing recipe is this egg masala curry. In this recipe, hard-boiled eggs are simply simmered in a spicy masala sauce. It has a nice tangy taste of tomatoes coupled with the flavors and taste of spices. Find the recipe here.


Karimeen Pollichatu

Love South Indian style fish recipes? This one is a must! A meaty fish wrapped in masalas and cooked in banana leaves; it is the simplest South Indian dinner you can enjoy at home. Find the recipe here.


Try these recipes and let us know how they turned out! For more recipe ideas, stay tuned!


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