25 best basil recipes – Easy recipes with basil


If you’re anything like us, fresh herbs don’t end up on your plate as much as they could. They are too often relegated to garnish at the end, and that is way too easy to drop them from our shopping lists (or to buy them and leave them languishing forgotten at the bottom of our fridges). Join us in trying to change that, starting with one of our favorites: basil. Especially during the summer when it’s plentiful and cheap, we like to use basil to add color, flavor and a bit of class to every meal. Check out our 25 basil recipes for ideas – it’s not just a garnish anymore.

Because basil is such a summery herb, it makes sense that it’s front and center in some of our favorite summer recipes. We make caprese and panzanella salads throughout the season, and while we change flavors and cooking methods (peche burrata caprese anyone? Maybe panzanella on a plate?), the one constant is the beautiful basil. You can even use it to jazz up your favorite hot drinks. We love adding it to summer cocktails, like our Sparkling Basil Lemonade (with homemade basil vodka 😍), our watermelon gin martini, or our frozen strawberry margarita, but really, it can liven up a little. anything from sparkling water to iced tea.

Want some sun, but it’s a catastrophic winter day? Basil can also add brightness to your cold weather meals. It’s true that basil is extra delicious in the warmer months, but thanks to greenhouses it can still be enjoyed year-round in recipes like pesto or green goddess dressing. We’d be remiss not to mention how vital it is to one of our favorite flavor combos: cream, tomatoes and basil combine to turn everything from chicken to shrimp into a delicious butter-inspired meal. tuscan which is always in our weeknight dinner. spin.

If you’re really sitting on a big basil bounty (lucky one!), you box just add it as a garnish to every meal. Check out our Italian Pasta Recipes and Tomato Recipes for more dishes and recipes where basil will also work great.


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