12 TikTok makers to follow for easy recipe inspiration


Tired of your weekly meal rotation? Look no further than TikTok.

Cooking can be repetitive for seasoned chefs and novices alike, especially if you tend to stick to the same list of dishes you know how to cook. Some people are naturally inclined to experiment, and others need a little inspiration to broaden their culinary horizons.

Here are twelve TikTok makers to follow for recipe inspiration.

Shreya’s ongoing series for the unfamiliar with cooking is a much needed departure from the extremely bland recipes typically intended for those less experienced in cooking. Her story highlights delicious recipes from South and East Asian cuisines and shows that cooking a meal rich in spices is easier than you might think.

Looking to relax with some food content? Check out MenWithThePot’s soothing cooking videos, filmed entirely outdoors. Simple meals – often prepared with a single knife, cutting board, handy cast iron skillet, and campfire – will remind you that you don’t need a fancy kitchen to cook a hearty dinner.

The content of Cheese Daily – which originally focused on preparing meals for her husband – has been widely criticized by viewers for espousing a traditional and outdated relationship dynamic. However, the designer has leaned into it and, since the first posting of her account, has told a juicy story of deception, cheating and revenge between her and her “husband” to accompany her cooking videos. Watch him for the cheese-laden paninis, stay for the drama.

You might recognize Janelle Rohner’s keto recipes from stitched-up videos asking, “Is this bussin, Janelle?” The meme poked fun at Rohner’s low-carb alternatives, like using a pepper cut in half instead of bread for a keto-friendly sandwich. Rohner, to his credit, embraced the meme and concluded TikToks by assuring videos that his low-carb, high-fat meals are indeed bussin ‘.

Newton Ngyuen’s career began when he began publishing recipes that were easy and inexpensive to prepare in small spaces. Her first videos were filmed in the kitchen of her family’s mobile home in San Jose, California. Although Ngyuen has since moved to a larger house with a much larger kitchen, his videos still focus on recipes that anyone can follow.

Ahmad Alzahabi describes himself as a “professional big ass,” and his tale features decadent comfort foods like fried fish tacos, Palestinian hummus, and Cajun pasta. You’ll wish you could taste these meals through the screen, but since you can’t, Alzahabi’s videos are clear enough to follow and prepare these meals yourself.

Brandon, known online as sad_papi, has worked in the restaurant business for over ten years. He not only shows his viewers how to cook new meals in his videos, but he also shows them where to get the ingredients, highlighting local farmers’ markets and grocery stores from different cultures.

Nadia Caterina Munno – known online as The Pasta Queen – specializes in pasta. The Rome-born pasta expert’s videos feature mouthwatering recipes like plant-based carbonara, one-pot green pea pasta, and velvety penne alla vodka. You will discover the countless kinds of pasta and Italian culinary history.

Joanne Molinaro, who calls herself The Korean Vegan on TikTok, makes plant-based versions of Korean comfort foods, which are traditionally made with seafood and meat. Her stunning videos are accompanied by Molinaro’s calming and almost poetic storytelling in which she reflects on Korean-American identity, her past experiences with love and trying to live a more sustainable life.

Tabitha Brown describes herself as “the world’s favorite mom”. Watching her videos is less like watching a cooking show and more like FaceTiming your mom for an old family recipe. Brown’s account shows videos on how to cook healthy, hearty meals, and her heartwarming narrative prompts viewers to love cooking as much as she does.

Eitan Bernath has been a food blogger since the age of 12 and has found success as a teenage food personality on TikTok. From viral recipes to quirky concoctions, Bernath’s quick and digestible content encourages other kids to try cooking for themselves.

Jeremy Scheck is a Cornell University student with a double major in Spanish and Italian, with additional studies in Nutrition, Food Science and Culinary Science. In addition to his course load, Scheck also manages his TikTok account and a recipe series called Collegetown Kitchen, which is aimed specifically at fellow students. The recipes are designed for anyone on a budget who is not used to cooking, and teach readers how to organize their kitchen, use basic cooking techniques, and eat healthy.

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