How to use Payroll Credit Card to pay bills?

Is it in the red and the boletus keep coming? Paying bills and keeping budget on time requires planning. And looking for more viable alternatives to repay debt is a smart way out. Did you know, for example, that you can use payroll-deductible credit cards to pay bills?

Yes, that’s right. And this is not only for the new accounts. But for accounts that are open as well. Know how!

Is it possible to pay bills on a credit card?

The answer is yes. But this is just one of the possibilities for using the payroll card credit limit. Unlike many people still think, this card has both its payment and its ease of use. And that, of course, allows INSS Withdrawals and Pensioners, as well as Public Servants, to have cheaper and affordable credit.

Learn how to use your payroll card to pay new and old bills.

Purchase Installment

It is very common for people to use credit card installments for purchases. Depending on the value, it is possible to split up to 24 times. Purchases can be made directly to merchants or over the Internet, inside and outside the country, for international cards.

The installment conditions may vary according to the number of installments, interest rates (without interest or with interest). But overall they are very attractive.

Cash withdrawal

Another way to use payroll card to pay bills is by withdrawing the credit limit. That’s right!

Every card has a credit limit and, in the case of payroll, this amount can be withdrawn at banks 24 hours or transferred to an account on behalf of the same holder.It is possible to withdraw up to 95% of the credit limit, to use as the holder prefers. Quite simply, between the global limit and the limit used, the credit available for being drawn.

As monthly invoice payment is made and if no installment purchase is made, the credit limit for withdrawals increases.

Why use Payroll Card to pay bills?

Among the main reasons for using this payment method to pay off debts are:

1 – Payroll Card interest rates are cheaper

While the interest rates on a conventional card are up to 12% per month, those on payroll cards vary on average from 4% to 5% per month.

Revolving credit also has lower rates. Therefore, even if you do not fully invoice and leave the excess balance for the next invoice, you will pay less. This difference can reach more than 15% in some cases when compared to conventional credit cards.

So even those who have any other debt can exchange it for a cheaper one. Thus, money drawn from the credit limit can be used to pay or pay off the most expensive debts.

2 – Invoice payment is guaranteed

Since the monthly invoice payment is made automatically, the payable margin limit of 5% is deducted every month from the INSS paycheck or benefit.

If the amount paid directly is less than the monthly spend, you can pay the additional invoice within the month. Otherwise, the open balance will be added to the following month and will go into revolving credit.

With this, the risk of default is minimal. That is, those who have a payroll credit card have less risk of being negated.

3 – Credit limit is higher

The payroll card credit limit can be up to 27 times the payable margin amount. To calculate the estimated limit, use the simulator below:

Confirmation can be performed from the simulation. As the limit is pre-approved, credit is facilitated.

4 – The limit may be withdrawn in cash.

As the non-exclusive limit for installment purchases, those who need it can withdraw the credit limit. With money in hand, its use is free. The tip, in this case, is to withdraw only the amount needed, so as not to pay a higher monthly bill.

Remember that as the payment of the card is linked directly to salary, retirement or pension, the amount received will be lower until the full settlement of the card debt.

5 – Card is released for negatives

Even those who are negative can hire a payroll credit card. To do so, just have payable margin available.

Unlike other types of personal credit, payroll does not make credit score evaluation, consultations with the SPC or Serasa.

Another important point is that, as the card margin is exclusive, so even those who already have one or more payroll loans can also apply for this card.

How to apply for the Online Payroll Card?

Applying for the payroll online credit card is very easy, fast and secure! INSS withdrawals and pensioners, federal, state and municipal civil servants can obtain this credit without bureaucracy. By running a simulation on our site, you can find out the payable margin available, the credit limit and compare the credit offers of various partner banks.

At AStro Company you choose the best option for your pocket! Simulate now!

Want to make a payroll credit card?

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