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Problems with enforcing invoice payment is the everyday life of Polish companies. The average waiting time is four months. It is no wonder that enterprises are more and more often having difficulties in maintaining financial liquidity.

Companies Bankruptcy 

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Worldwide, the most common reason for bankruptcy is a lack of liquidity. The matter seems clear and uncomplicated. Just make sure that there is no shortage of funds for paying current bills and invoices, purchase of raw materials, salaries, etc. Meanwhile, you hear about the bankruptcy of the company over and over again because of this.

Sometimes, problems are the result of a situation beyond our control, for example in the event of an unstable exchange rate or a collapse of demand on foreign markets. Technological changes and strong competition are equally serious threats. Unfortunately, external threats can only be observed and in some cases neutralized. Most often, however, the cause of the fall are internal problems, indicating the company’s weakness. In this case, fortunately, you can do more.

Cause of Bankruptcy 

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First of all, it is important to catch any irregularities and threats in the area of ​​financial liquidity as early as possible. This is to be achieved by preventing overdue payments and disciplining payment by clients and colleagues. Entrepreneurs have a hard nut to crack, but debt collection companies come with the solution. Today, they not only collect debts, but also provide legal services. After all, a well-written or checked for threats trade agreement can effectively secure not only against non-payment on time, but also against more severe sanctions, such as contractual penalties or limitation of claims.

What will help protect the company from bankruptcy?

What will help protect the company from bankruptcy?

The efforts of a professional debt collector fulfill the task of realizing the seriousness of the situation, as well as have a strong persuasive action towards the debtor. Often, it is only the intervention of an outsider negotiator that realizes how far the situation has taken place and mobilizes for regular repayment of liabilities.

An additional advantage of using the services of debt collection companies is solving problems with payments through negotiations, which helps maintain positive customer relations. So you cannot underestimate the daily work related to payment monitoring and amicable debt collection. These are preventive measures that will help protect the company from bankruptcy. 

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